Remote User Testing

Remote User Testing In 3 Simple Steps:

Create user test

Use our easy step-by-step process to create professional usability tests in minutes. You’ll become a usability professional in no time!

Invite participants

Collecting responses is simple. Source them for free via social media or a website pop-up OR buy users that match your visitor demographics.

Analyse data

We’ve simplified the reporting by focusing on the usability metrics that matter. See the results of your project online-instantly.

Test early, test often…affordably
Now you can conduct user testing faster, at a lower cost and more frequently than ever before.
No coding. No downloading
There’s no need for your participants to download software. No code to install. No need for training. And no lengthy subscriptions.
Real-time results
Track task completion rates, number of clicks, time on task,
satisfaction…and more.
Test in over 40 languages
Run your user test in up to 40 foreign languages. And if we don’t
have yours, let us know and we’ll get it!
Test on any HTML interface
Conduct testing on any interface that can be displayed in html. And not just your own website, benchmark against your competitors.
Just completed a 2-day
user test and could not be
more delighted with your
software. It’s the Survey
Monkey of user testing!
Nick Poole

CEO, Collections Trust

Loop11 was a pleasure to
use and provided the
appropriate data needed to
get the most out of unmod-
erated user-testing
Jason Hester
Production Manager, AccessWorks

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